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Michael Wellman

"Dear Brian,

Weight Loss Program

I can hardly believe it's been only six months since we met, and that in only six months -- with your awesome help -- I've dropped 37 pounds of fat. I truly feel terrific.

If it hadn't been for that simple questionnaire I filled out on your web site and your sincere concern for my fitness goals, I might never have given your excellent program a chance. I might still look the way I did in the "before" photo, six months ago. And my physical fitness would never have turned around the way it has.

Please feel free to share my story if you think it might inspire someone else who's looking for this kind of miraculous result.

Basically, I started small. I just wanted to do whatever it took to improve my physical condition and health. You worked with me every Monday evening to perfect my exercise form, and you showed me what I had to do in order to achieve my fitness and weight reduction goals.

It didn't take long before I realized that this was the beginning of something Big. Now we're six months into the game, and we're concentrating on pure muscular growth. Pretty soon the photo on the right will be my new "before" image!

Thank you for helping me make that start, and for continuing to be so dedicated to my success.

I look forward to every session with you, Brian. The Total Integrated Approach obviously works for me. You manage my Strength and Flexibility Programs so that they match my needs exactly. And you adjust my cardiovascular homework and nutrition plan every week. As a result, I'm always learning, always growing, always discovering new reasons to feel good about myself.

I'm never going to stop. But first I had to start. Thank you for helping me make that start, and for continuing to be so dedicated to my success.

I hope people who read this and who are searching for their own personal miracle will realize they just found it, and today is their lucky day."

Thanks, Brian.
Michael Wellman

Michael's Personal Fitness Plan includes Strength Training, Hatha Yoga, T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Qigong.

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