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Donna S. Leighton

"I am sure every woman is devastated the first time an attractive young male calls her 'ma'am.'

Shortly after my first 'ma'am', I was diagnosed with early menopause. I have been an active person all my life and a "regular" at our local gym for the past 10 years. However, no one had prepared me for the 20 lb. weight gain that came with menopause. One day I looked in a mirror and saw, for the first time in my life, I had a belly and no waist. The prospect of 'living large' was not one I was prepared to accept.

I've been going to a gym regularly since 1989, so I was physically fit before I started training with Brian.

I needed a trainer to help me retrieve my body from what menopause was doing to it. That meant finding a trainer educated in more than weightlifting. Brian had the educational credentials and qualifications I was looking for. My workouts with Brian are only half of what I think of as my "program" -- the other half is the nutritional information Brian constantly discusses with me. I am slowly cleaning up my nutritional act. Living without bagels and cheese in my life hasn't killed me.

Brian had the education credentials and qualifications I was looking for.

I have been training with Brian once a week, since April 14, and doing my regular gym workout twice a week. I am seeing the benefits. My arms are stronger, leaner and tighter. I have more endurance. I am getting my abdominal muscles back and I'm on my way to 'killer abs'. My workouts at my regular gym are more targeted, thanks to what I have learned from Brian.

I train with Brian because of his philosophy and focus. He designs a workout just for me -one that is focused solely on my needs. It is intense, to say the least. My hour with Brian flies by ... even when we're working on the dreaded abdominal crunches. He keeps me focused and motivated."

Donna S. Leighton,

Donna S. Leighton

Ridgefield, Connecticut

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