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Heidi Keiss

"Dear Brian,

Heidi Keiss

On the eve of my 50th session, I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what's happened since I started training with you. My blood pressure has gone from 160/100 with medication to 110/80 without. My lower back that had me living at my chiropractor's ... now feels so strong. I finally lost the 15 pounds that plagued me for the last five years and I feel good about myself again. I need less sleep, have more energy and above all, I am a happier, more patient, loving wife and mother.

These changes began happening so soon after I started working with you that it was amazing. In three weeks, casual acquaintances who had no idea I was doing this program, started coming up to me and saying they had seen me at a distance the other day and just wanted to tell me I looked so healthy. At this point, after exercising and following your nutritional and supplement plan, I was already starting to feel I was rebuilding myself from the inside out. Even though I was losing weight, I was feeling stronger, rather than weaker, as other diets had left me.

I realize that, had I met you or someone like you 20 years ago, I would have had a very different kind of life. The good news is: I am making these changes now. I had some of the nutritional and exercise pieces, but I just wasn't putting them together in the right way. The wild part is, all I have to do is talk to you about what I want to accomplish as an individual, follow your directions, and things happen, just as you say they will!

I feel as if I am really starting to internalize some of these new habits of health and making the necessary positive changes to maintain them, but at least for now I still need the discipline of working with you. have given me a new start in life.

I have a great mental image of you that keeps me focused when I have the occasional urge to put something bad into my body. We were rollerblading one morning at 5 a.m. I started to go down a steep hill too fast and knew I was going to crash. I called out to you, you turned, braced yourself backwards on the hill, caught me and set me down as light as a feather.

Even when I feel as if I might let myself go "down hill," I know you'll be there to help me. With all your knowledge, organization, dedication, inspiration and professionalism, let me not forget to say that you are also so much fun!

I really feel that you have given me a new start in life and I cannot wait to see what the next fifty sessions bring."

Gratefully yours,

Heidi Keiss

Heidi Keiss
Westport, Connecticut

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