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As a student at Private Studio, you become part of the select group of people who seek and find this exceptional place.

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After only one training session, you will understand why Brian's students speak so highly of him, and of the life-changing results they have achieved with his help.

Please read their comments here. Then accept a Free Training Session with Brian at Private Studio, and see for yourself!

"Brian is a very thorough professional. He possesses a strong knowledge of the human body and how it works. I've been a practicing dentist for over 25 years, seen all sorts of healthcare providers, and he is a standout."
-- Andrew Mogelof, DDS
Stratford, Connecticut

"I would like to endorse the expert exercises experience I've enjoyed with Brian Buturla. I am healthy, more fit, and happier."
-- Ira Hoffman, MD
Lenox Hill Hospital
New York City

"The Private Studio and Training are magic. The digital sound system moves you as Brian sculpts your body. Before you know it, your midsection is chiseled, your problem areas are gone and your body is pumped!"
-- Chuck Berg
Westport, Connecticut

"Brian is an exceptionally gifted trainer - his whole life revolves around health and helping people do what they thought was impossible... he is an incredible teacher who is committed and dedicated to his work..."
-- Pamela Bass
Westport, Connecticut

"You are magic! Thanks for being the 'genie' who not only helped me feel more comfortable in my own body, but also for giving me the physique I always thought was out of reach."
-- Steven Stanford
Greenwich, Connecticut

"Brian is a rehabilitative muscle expert. He possesses a strong knowledge of the human body and how it works. Brian will develop you to your maximum potential. His process is truly unique and life-changing."
-- Gerry Weiss
Greenwich, Connecticut

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Amy Deveney
Heidi Keiss
Donna S. Leighton
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Michael Wellman
Additional Client Quotations

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