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Body Tracking

Documented proof of your progress and success ...

Progress Report

Brian monitors your body composition throughout your Personal Training Program with scale, tape measure and video camera. Feeding this information into medical interface software, Brian creates Progress Reports that document your successes and help him continually adjust your training program.

Your Progress Reports reveal how your body is responding to cardiovascular exercise, weight training and other activities. You will be able to keep track of your changing percentages of lean body mass, fat mass and water ... and changing diameters of your chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms.

As these numbers improve, Brian readjusts your Personal Training Program, so that you never get stuck on a plateau.

For example, three days of cardiovascular work, two days of weight training and an individualized nutrition plan could result in your loss of four pounds of fat and a gain of two pounds of muscle per week.

In that case, Brian would continue your current routine until your weight loss or muscle gain started to slow down. Then he would adjust your routine - changing variables such as type of exercise, number and order of exercise, time, tempo, resistance, sets, reps, duration, plus quantities of nutrients and/or supplements - all depending on your goals, needs and abilities.

Brian explains every adjustment to your Personal Training Program so that you understand why he is adding a particular exercise, or why you no longer need to do a certain cardio session.

"Information is the key to change."

Brian makes it easy to understand how your cardiovascular, digestive and neuromuscular systems work together. You see instantly how they relate to your goals, and to the time invested in changing your body.

When you see the progress you've made you want to keep going forward. You feel great about what you've achieved, and you reaffirm that you're worth the effort!

"Progress Reports are priceless. They leave nothing to chance. They give my students an immediate understanding of how their bodies work and - most importantly - what they must do in order to see and keep their abs."


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