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Why Private Studio?

Brian Buturla's Private Studio possesses a continually updated line of CYBEXTM selectorized strength training equipment. The following list of CYBEXTM equipment is available for the exclusive use of Brian's students, on the premises of Private Studio.

Abdominal Crunch
Back Extension
Cable Column
Decline Bench
Hip Abduction/Adduction
Incline Bench
Kneeling Leg Curl
Lat Pulldown
Leg Extension
Low Row
Prone Leg Curl
Scott Bench
Smith Press
Squat Press
Torso Rotation
Tricep Press


Other Training and Therapeutic Equipment:

  • AIREXTM sanitized exercise mats
  • Ankle and thigh weights
  • Balance boards
  • Body LogicTM balls
  • Both Sides UpTM balance training equipment
  • Fitness sticks
  • In-line skating equipment
  • IVANKOTM chrome, competition-quality free weights
  • Kickboxing gear
  • Lacrosse gear
  • Medicine balls
  • Mountain bicycles
  • Multi-media center with three-dimensional human-anatomy video library
  • OakworksTM mat tables
  • Ocean kayaks
  • Plyometric boxes
  • ReebokTM core boards, body bars and steps
  • Spinning cycles
  • Street hockey gear
  • Stretching ropes
  • Thera-BandsTM balls and tubing
  • Therapeutic foam rollers
  • TKOTM heavy bags
  • Track and field with bleachers
  • Ball and hammers
  • Cones, discus, hurdles, ladders, long jump, shot put

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