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Brian Buturla - Personal Trainer
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Congratulations on finding this Web site! You've already taken your first step toward claiming a healthy body, and a fit and rewarding life.

Now you have an exciting opportunity to build the body you've always wanted ... to overcome the effects of surgery or ill health ... to live a pain-free life ... and to feel strong, fit and vibrant, no matter what your age.

Brian Buturla - Personal Trainer
Making these dreams come true for you is my passion.

It's a passion that began when I was a teenager. I was in sad shape -- overweight, malnourished, socially isolated and bewildered. I knew I needed help so I joined a health club and had the good fortune to meet a gifted trainer.

He helped me define my goals and showed me how to work efficiently to improve my performance in all aspects of my life. As my body grew fit and healthy, my self-esteem and self-confidence grew tremendously.

That experience inspired me to learn as much as I could about everything that contributes to top human performance, and to share that knowledge with others.

My mission today is to help you achieve a fit and healthy body, and a zest-filled, vibrant life. Together, we can make it happen!

Please accept a Free one-hour Personal Training Session at my state-of-the-art Private Studio in Norwalk, Connecticut. There is no risk, no obligation. See how great it feels to have 100% of my attention and professional experience, completely focused on your own special fitness needs and goals.

Yours in fitness and health,

Brian Buturla

Brian Buturla
Certified Personal Trainer

P.S. Click here to Schedule a Free Training Session.

My Story



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